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Definitions, Terms and Conditions

Client agrees to allow permission of all photos taken of event at the Meeting House and rented areas to be used for advertising purposes.

Cancellation Policy: In the event of cancellation of this agreement, through no fault of Stonegate, weather etc. the following refunds apply and will be refunded within 21 days upon written notification More than 180 days prior to event 50% of rental fee returned: 90 to 179 days prior to event: 25% of rental fee returned, after that no refunds.

Facilities Deposit: A check for the correct amount of the required deposit shall be made out to the Stonegate POA. After event and once Management has completed a walk through of the facilities (Inside & Outside) your deposit will be returned to you or we will deduct any damages or fees owed. Any excessive cleaning will be deducted from your deposit. In the event of cancellation this deposit will be returned to you.

Excessive Damages: In the event you have excessive damages to Furniture, Appliances Mechanical Systems etc. you will be presented with an itemized bill to be paid within 14 business days. If legal action is required you could be liable for additional charges.

Payments: Should be made payable to Stonegate POA and mailed to:

Stonegate POA c/o Omni Management Services

PO Box 441570

Indianapolis, IN 46244

Reserved: Facilities are considered reserved once you have paid one half of the rental fee plus the deposit. Balance is due 14 days prior to event.

Facilities Rules: No Smoking. No use of scotch tape, nails, staples or adhesives on the walls. Helium balloons must be weighted down. No confetti. All candles must be in a votive holder or have a hurricane glass cover and bottom must be protected as to not damage the linens. You may bring in your own food, use the Carolina Grill or licensed caterer of your choice. Anything left at the end of event will be considered trash and removed. Catering companies can not dump water from the use of their chafing dishes onto the property, grass or common area. Lessee assumes all personal injury liability for guests during the event. No Fog Machines.

Alcohol: If alcohol is to be served we require a licensed bartender to be in attendance (copy of their liquor license) and Lessee must add Stonegate POA as a rider on their homeowners insurance. We do not allow alcohol to be brought in from any outside source other than the company or person indicated on the rental agreement as a bartender or caterer.

Indemnification: Lessee shall indemnify, defend and save harmless Stonegate POA, its Board of Directors, officers, agents and employees from and against any and all loss, cost (including attorney’s fees), damage, expense and liability ( including statutory liability under workers compensation laws) in conjunction with claims, judgments, damages, penalties, fines, liabilities, losses, suits, administrative proceedings, arising out of any act or neglect by Lessee, its agents, employees, contractors, licensees, invitees, representatives, in, on or about the leased facilities. This indemnity shall survive the termination of the Agreement. Lessee hereby releases Stonegate POA from any and all liability or responsibility to Lessee or anyone claiming through or under Lessee by way of subrogation or otherwise for any loss or damage to equipment or property of Lessee covered by any insurance then in force. Stonegate facilities are in compliance with applicable building codes and are accessible to handicapped individuals.